Sarah F. Johnson

Many people make the assumption that life insurance is for married couples and those with kids. While it is true that not all single people need life insurance, there are a number of reasons when it can make (really) good sense. 1. You have student loan debt. Many people assume that your debt dies with you, [...]

Truthfulness in the Application Process

I will make this article short and simple! For those looking to buy life insurance, truthfulness in the application process is critical. Truthful responses to questions asked are necessary to complete the application process thru underwriting. Knowingly providing dishonest responses are a waste of time for the agent, applicant, underwriting, and anyone else involved in [...]

Article courtesy of When you’re just starting out, it often seems that a dollar never stretches far enough. And with new commitments, such as buying your first home or having children, comes the responsibility to make sure your loved ones will be provided for financially, no matter what life may bring. If you were [...]

Having a child with special needs can bring challenges and many unique joys to your life as well as complex financial and emotional concerns—for you, your child’s siblings, and guardians. According to Disabled World e-newsletter, about 36 million Americans or, 12% of the population, qualify as having a disability, as do 5% of children under [...]

Is your employer provided life insurance coverage your only source of life insurance? If your answer is YES, you have to ask yourself if your employer provided coverage is enough to take care of your family’s financial needs should you die prematurely. Most employees could save up to 70 – 80% on annual premiums by [...]

The question I often get from smokers as a life insurance agent, is whether or not they can get life insurance coverage. The answer is a YES with a slight BUT. Typically speaking, cigarette smokers will pay double the rate of a non-smoker. They are some insurance companies that will not insure cigarette smokers and [...]