Life Insurance Tips


Tip #1

Only use AM Best rated “A-” carrier or better. AM Best is the industry benchmark for financial strength in the life insurance industry. Any company with an “A-“, “A”, “A+” or “A++” has outstanding financials. In today’s economy its important to know you’re with a financially solid company.

Our immediate life insurance quote engine will show you the AM Best life insurance company ratings of each company.  In fact, we’ll only work with life insurance companies that have an “A-” rating or better – so every company you’ll find on the quote results page will be a highly rated carrier that we’re comfortable recommending.

Tip #2

Annual life insurance rates are less expensive than monthly rates. Typically by paying annually, you’ll save on average 4% over a year than if you made 12 monthly premium payments.  Some life insurance companies even give up to a 6% discount by paying annually.

There’s also smaller discounts available for semi-annual payments as well.  Usually in the 2-3% range.

Our instant life insurance quote engine will show you both the monthly and the annual payments for you to make a decision.  For semi-annual or quarterly payments, you’ll have to give us a call (there’s only so much room on our instant quote results page, sorry!).

Tip #3

To avoid life insurance paperwork, we suggest you use a carrier that allows an “e-signature” whenever that is available. With this technology, we email you a completed application and all you have to do is type your name to sign all the documents. This is good for the environment because we save paper and its quicker for everyone.

This saves you from the task of receiving a 20+ page insurance application for you to sift through and hope you signed all the required pages.  Also, who really wants to fill out a life insurance application and mail it back?…not us.

All of our companies on our instant term life insurance quote engine allow e-signatures.  If that’s intimidating to you, don’t worry.  We’ll walk you through it over the phone if you have any troubles at all.

Tip #4

Term life insurance rates are the same no matter where you go. We all use the same published rates. To save you the headache of hopping from 1 website to another, we listed all the top rated life insurance companies that publish instant quote rates in our quote engine.

In other words, going to another website won’t get you better rates.  It’s your actual agent that will make the difference in finding the best rates. That is the reason why working with PMA Financial Services and its agents are a guarantee superb customer service and the beginning of a lasting life-long relationship.