Life Insurance 101 – Benefits of Life Insurance! 



Knowing about the different types of life insurance will help guide you in selecting the best type  and fit for your individual or family need. Life insurance is the foundation of a sound financial planning. Your spouse, children, partner or other loved family members can go to be at night with assurance knowing that the breadwinner or their financial provider has bought life insurance. It’s called life insurance, but it should be called “Love Insurance”.

The purchase of life insurance is a step in the right direction. Life insurance is not just for families, how about the single or recent college graduate with student loans in his or her parents name? Who will be on the hook for the student loans should that single person die unexpectedly? Yup, the co-signers who are typically the parents. Most cases, these parents are nearing retirement and would have to dip into their retirement savings to pay for the student loan. Don’t rule out life insurance because you’re single, recent college graduate, have no children, etc. Everyone needs life insurance. Your life is worth INSURING.

See below for some of the benefits of life insurance. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 240-461-0382 or you can get started with a quote using our Instant Quote Form on the right! 

The Benefits of Life Insurance


Life insurance has many great benefits. It is often seen as the base of a strong financial foundation because without life insurance or adequate coverage . Some benefits include TaxFreeXSmall-300x300helping:

  • Your spouse or partner pay off your mortgage
  • Your children pay for their education
  • Your business survive without you
  • Your two-income household stay a two-income household
  • You create a source of potentially TAX-FREE loans and withdrawals for whatever needs arise. 

With the right life insurance benefits in place for the future, you can rest assured that your most important goals are well-supported.