Truthfulness in the Application Process

I will make this article short and simple!

For those looking to buy life insurance, truthfulness in the application process is critical. Truthful responses to questions asked are necessary to complete the application process thru underwriting. Knowingly providing dishonest responses are a waste of time for the agent, applicant, underwriting, and anyone else involved in the process. Applicants are bound by the laws of their state to be upfront and forthcoming to all questions asked by the agent. Furthermore, to all questions on the forms require honest answers as part of the application process. Providing dishonest answers are also a good way to lose trust with an agent, at least with me.

As an applicant, if you are not sure of any of the questions asked by an agent, ask for clarification to avoid providing dishonest and inconsistent responses. All answers provided are verified by the carrier through a number of sources. Some of these sources include the MIB, state motor vehicle administration, your doctor, etc.

Lastly, be honest throughout the process as your honesty will speed up the application process. Because as the end of the day, you contacted an agent for life insurance because you need it. Don’t ruin it with dishonesty.

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